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Benefits of Buying a New Condo at Lentor Central

If you are thinking of buying a house, especially in an urban area, you might find yourself asking: would condos be a good option? Condos have been the center of attention in recent times. In the following paragraphs, you will get to know all about them and where you can buy a new condo at Lentor Central.

What are condos?

Before moving further, let’s take a look at what condominiums are. Condos are somewhere between a house and an apartment. The owners of a condo often share a wall, and in a multi-story building, your condo might be above or below someone else’s. 

You might have heard about all the good things people are saying about living in condos. Maybe that is why you want to buy one but don’t know where. 

Lentor Modern condominiums

Lentor Modern is a highly anticipated upcoming 99-year leasehold development that is to be developed by GuocoLand. The Lentor central land parcel will be a place of residential use along with the assigned 800 square km for retail space on the ground floor. 

The condo, on completion, will yield 605 units and 25 stories. The residents can enjoy the complete view of the surrounding greenery and the natural parks from the condos without any hindrance. 


The Lentor Central development project will be connected to the MRT station directly, giving access to the Thomson East Coast Line once it completes, Orchard road, and Woodlands regional center.

The areas will also be connected to the North-South corridor (NSC) that will provide public transport services to the North, South, East, and CBD of Singapore. 


Residents can enjoy the F&B retail spaces for shopping and dining, including supermarkets childcare facilities on the condo’s first floor.   

If the residents are not satisfied with this, they can drive to the Thomson’s Plaza and Ang Mo Kio Hub, where supermarkets serve their multiple needs. Along the upper Thomson Road, the residents can enjoy various cuisines in eateries and restaurants. The hawker fare is simply a few minutes away from there. 

Lush green neighborhood

Buying a new condo at Lentor Central will enable you to enjoy nature at its best. The pedestrian-friendly neighborhood is full of lush greenery with future linear and hillock parks. From the Thomson Nature Park, the condo is quite near. The Park has a rich cultural heritage home to various aquatic animals and plants. 

Schools and educational institutions

Around Lentor Modern, there is a mix of prestigious neighborhood schools, providing many educational options. 

The Lentor Central is an addition to the neighborhood as the last project was more than a decade ago. 

Get latest updates

If you want to keep a close eye on the development project, you can register yourself at their website for free. From there, you can also see the site plan, schematic diagram, and floor plans of the project. 

The condos will be available at considerable prices after the successful completion. All these benefits should be enough to get insights into the matter. 

Frank Medellin is a news writer based in London. He graduated from the Sylvian University of Arts and Communication