Can High Handicappers Use Vokey Wedges Safely?

If you’re a high handicap golfer and you’re interested in using Vokey wedges, you might be wondering if they can help. Even though the best golfers in the world use these wedges (that’s why they’re called “Tour Vokeys”), many golfers wonder if they are safe enough to use for high handicappers. 

But are Vokey wedges safe for high handicap golfers? The answer to this query is quite surprising, and you can find it in this article. Most of the golfer-created myths about Vokey wedges tend to hold for high handicappers. One of these is that all Tour Vokeys are made for high handicappers. Unfortunately, it isn’t true either. Though most of the wedges are helpful for professionals, not everyone helps high disabled golfers score better.

Myth 1- Vokeys are Way too Hard for High Handicappers to Control.

As a high handicap golfer, you might begin to doubt the promise of Tour Vokeys right off the bat. Because the Tour Vokeys are so hard, you assume that high handicappers can’t use them safely. The problem is that these myths have been perpetuated since they were first introduced, and there’s no way to know if they’re true or not unless you try them first. Although Vokey wedges might be more complicated than other wedges, there are still ways for high handicappers to use them officially.

Myth 2 – They are Too Expensive for High Handicappers

Because the Vokeys cost a lot more than most other wedges, some high handicappers might think twice about using them because of their price. However, hard-core high handicap golfers have found ways to save money when buying Tour Vokey’s. Some have learned to use them on other courses, while others have found some great deals online or in stores.

Myth 3 – Vokeys are Dangerous for High Handicappers

Many high handicappers believe that the Tour Vokeys are dangerous to use because they are so hard. However, although the Tour Vokeys might be more complicated than other wedges, they aren’t as hard as you might think. Because they are used mainly by professional golfers, many high handicappers assume hard. But because Tour Vokeys are softer than most other wedges, this myth isn’t true either.

Myth 4- It’s Better Not to Use Vokey’s

Other high handicappers believe that it’s best not to use the Tour Vokeys because of their price or reputation. However, just because these wedges are so expensive doesn’t mean that they’re better left unused. Although some high handicappers might not use the Tour Vokeys, many golfers do use them successfully. Not only will they help you improve, but they will also save you tons of money in the long run.

Although they aren’t perfect, Tour Vokey wedges are pretty safe for high handicappers, and you can use them to improve your game when you’re ready. But before you try using Vokey wedges, be sure to research them thoroughly to make sure that it’s a good fit for your game. If you pay attention to the information, you will know about your query regarding the Vokey wedges for the disabled. 

Frank Medellin is a news writer based in London. He graduated from the Sylvian University of Arts and Communication