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Complete Guide On The Usage Of Various Japanese Knives

With the passage of time, the usage of Japanese knives has increased tremendously. Therefore, these days’ people are more interested in purchasing the How To Use Every Japanese Knife. This is because they are made up of good quality and are also available at a reasonable rate to people.

This article is basically on the different types of the Japanese knives available and what are their uses that makes them an advisable option for the people:

  • Chef knife

This is the knife that is also called as the Gyutou, which has qualities that are equivalent to the European chef knife. This is a knife that the person can use for all purposes in the kitchen. If the comparison is made of this type of knife with the European knife, then they are lighter and thinner, but as they are made up of more rigid steel, so they have an excellent holding capacity that makes it a comfortable option for the users.

  • Santoku

This is a knife that has a larger blade than the blade as mentioned above, and also it is called by the name multipurpose as it is an all-purpose knife for the kitchen. This is a knife that has the ability to cut fish, meat, and vegetables. In addition, they have a flat belly that makes them a good option for up and down chopping.

  • Sujihiki

This is somewhat similar to the European slicer. They are such kinds of the steel that provide better edge retention to the people. The angle that is present on the blade is sharpened at the steeper angle that will allow the person or the precise cut. This is a knife that is used by the person for different purposes like filleting, carving, and also all other general purposes.

  • Petty

These are the pairing knives that are used by the person for the small and the delicate work that general a chef knife cannot perform, like for cutting the herbs, small fruits, and vegetables.

  • Honesuki

A honestly is mainly the best Japanese kitchen knife sets that are available for the purpose of the boning; this has some kind of differentiation from the western version. This is a knife that has a triangular shape and also has a stiff blade that has very little flex. This has the main work of cutting through the soft joints, and also they are an advisable option for deboning poultry as this is the knife that has a good shape and height so they can even be used as the utility.

  • Yo- deba

They are knives that are quite heavy and also durable in nature with a thick spine that is mainly used by the people for the fish the meat butchery. Moreover, they have the – balance that makes them a good option for right and left-handed use.

Hopefully, after reading the above article, it is quite clear that there are a variety of knives that are available as an option for the people that differ based on their usage.

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