Relationships Are Not Easy For Women Who Find Married Men Attractive

Many women still find themselves attracted to married men despite knowing that such relationships are not easy. A good understanding of the underlying reasons on this issue will definitely assist more single or married women from falling into these pitfalls and increase their chances of building/maintaining a healthy and successful relationship.

For the maintaining of a health relationship, there is a need to know on how to win back your ex. As a result, the building of the strong bond will become easy and simple for the people. There are higher chances available to the people to get and win the ex back in the life.

Having a relationship with a bachelor has its own challenges let alone with a married man. Probably, the biggest challenge of having a relationship with a married man is that you may ruin not only his marriage but also the lives of people involved in his marriage. Whereas challenges from having a relationship with a bachelor are fewer and less damaging.

When Men Love To Play Games

So why there are still so many married men getting involved with these women knowing that these relationships are not easy and damaging?

Many married men are vulnerable. They have the tendency to give in to the temptations offered by other women especially when they are not in a good marriage.

Most married men also enjoy and love playing games with these women. You may also notice that these married men sometimes give you a hint that they are game for anything as well. Women will definitely have difficulty resisting such aura and charm coming from attractive married men.

Most Common Underlying Reasons

Most women are aware that relationships are not easy if they are attracted to married men. They also know the underlying complications as well. However, they still find it so difficult to resist the temptation to be attracted to married men.

Being a woman, Why do you find married men attractive?

You find it challenging and exciting when you have an attraction for married man. You consider this attraction as “wild attraction‘ or” forbidden temptation“. It is normal for you to want the things that you cannot have and attracting a married man is like making impossible things possible.

You feel the sense of power when you are able to attract a married man. It is like being able to steal a fish that has already been caught by another woman.

You are attracted to married men’s personalities. Married men show more confidence in what they do as they have gained more exposures and experiences in life.

Besides, married men can easily establish authority and they are more likely to offer material and emotional necessities to a woman than the bachelors.

You can have a fling with any man. However, having a fling with a married man increases your self-esteem as a woman. You enjoy this kind of fling as it may be one of your fantasies.

Having this kind of relationship is such an adventure and fun. Usually married man ensure that you have a great time when you are with him especially when he and his wife are not in good terms. Oftentimes, you do not notice that you are already romantically attached to the married man.

However, there are many things that you have to take note of since the guy that you are attracted to is already married. One of it is to be aware that this kind of relationships are not easy. Once you are caught, you would not know what would happen next. It is either you win or you lose the game.

Relationships are not easy when you are attracted to a married man knowing that it is a forbidden love and your chances of marrying a married man is rather slim though there have been some successful stories. Moreover, most likely you would be seen as being the third party and the marriage breaker. Are you emotionally and psychologically prepared for this insult? The choice is really yours whether to use your head or your heart to find your love.

Frank Medellin is a news writer based in London. He graduated from the Sylvian University of Arts and Communication