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Step By Step Procedure To Form The Testosterone Enanthate

Are you planning to make your testosterone enanthate? If yes, this procedure can either be simple or complicated for you. It entirely depends on the person forming the steroid that he makes it a simpler or a complicated process. There are certain basic things that a person will require to form the specified steroid:

  • Testosterone enanthate powder- 62.5 gms
  • Testosterone enanthate – 250mg per ml
  • Benzyl alcohol- 5 ml
  • Benzyl benzoate
  • Grapeseed oil

Step to form the steroid at home

The steps involved in forming the testosterone steroid are so simple that people find it convenient to form the steroid. There are mainly six steps that a person needs to follow:

  • Weigh testosterone enanthate powder

Ensure that you properly weigh the testosterone powder so that the perfect steroid is made. For weighting this, you can just keep a piece of paper on the weighing machine and start properly doing the calculations. To avoid including the weight of the paper, take the machine to zero after putting the paper.

Sometimes you wish to add just a minimal quantity of the powder, and the value does not change. In this situation, you can just touch the base of the weighing machine in order to get some amount of the change in the weight.

  • Now add the powder, benzyl alcohol, and benzyl benzoate to the vessel

At this time, a person can just add 2 ml each of both the benzyl alcohol and the benzoate. These are the two agents that work as sterilizers. Even this is the best solvent that helps keep the oil and the powder in one place only.

  • Heat the vessel in the bath jar

This is a step that is optional for the person. But in case if the person wishes to clear the further process without any kind of difficulty, just make sure that you go through this process. In this, you will have to put a pan on the heat and add water to it and let the matter get heater in the jar. Then, keep the matter on the heat till it turns out to be clear in a proper manner.

  • Add grapeseed oil

In this step, after the mixture gets cooled down, you can just add the grapeseed oil. Then, if your wish, you can warm it up properly after adding the grapeseed oil. Grapeseed oil is the best of the other available oils and is the carrier for other available options.

  • Filtering

This is another step that a person will have to follow. This is a step that is performed with the help of the short or the long syringe. Keep performing the step multiple times until the mixture gets filtered perfectly.

  • Crimp them with flip off caps

As the testosterone enanthate, get ready. Make sure that you will them in a bottle and cover them in a proper manner so that they can be used by the person for a more extended period of time.

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