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Things to consider beforehand picking out cheongsam

There are so many memorable occasions in China. From New Year to their primary festivals, they prepare special outfits to increase their joy. The costume of Chinese festivals is pretty famous that is a fitting piece known as the cheongsam. 

It is elegant, timeless, unforgettable, and designed for women to show off their beautiful bodies. On most formal occasions like weddings and other parties, these gorgeous dresses at Shop for Cheongsam at are worn, but many women go with them even to the office. 

It is designed for the flatter female body to make them look more classy and gorgeous. Don’t fret – here are the best ways to purchase a cheongsam. These important notions help you to pick the perfect one.

Questions to check

About fabrics

The first question to examine before purchasing one is the fabric you like to wear. There are so many, from silk to satin and pieces of cotton to lace. 

You can go for a cotton one for regular wear, but it would be great to go with velvet or silk for some occasions. The choice is entirely yours. There are all the options from cheap to expensive. Unfortunately, few votes will give you a luxurious touch with the delicate silk.

Want to wear it regularly 

If you’re looking to wear a cheongsam regularly, choose something suitable, breathable, and durable. You should never sacrifice comfort and style while purchasing the dress for regular wear. For instance, the material choice is a must. 

Go with a good quality such as cotton that lasts for an extended period. Do not forget to take proper care of your stuff.

Need a custom or not?

Do you want to get a cheongsam dress tailored? Then find out the good tailors. Of course, it might cost you a little bit more, but the measurement of your dress will be accurate and provide you perfect fit.

 Do not forget that this is not an easy dress to make, so automatically, their pricing is a little bit more. In addition, they will check out your measurements statements, such as shoulders, waist, hips, and more.

Want to experiment with styles?

The next and last question to check is whether you want to experiment new style of cheongsam or go with the regular one. Then, of course, there are the traditional dresses, but the market is a boom with the modern techniques. 

There are varieties of figures in classic cheongsam that will definitely look great. Wearing those dresses with something good accessories and heels will make you look more gorgeous.

How much do you want to pay?

There are many options for wearing a cheongsam dress regarding designs, materials, and colors. A few cheap dresses are available that can be worn out for everyday purposes. However, to make your dress get ready for some particular occasions and fashionable costs more. You need to understand what is your budget before choosing a cheongsam dress for any specific event.

Tips –

Tip 1: Take care while going to a fitting

The first one is preparing yourself while going for cheongsam fitting and shopping. There is a variety of cheongsam available, and it is recommended to always research for the perfect one online and understand its styles. Get to know about the fabrics before you visit a tailor so that you can make the ideal purchase. Besides the traditional cheongsam dresses, there is the availability of modern ones. It includes the dramatic train and amazing necklines.

Tip 2: Get a Perfect Collar

The next one is important because there are so many neckline options when it comes to purchasing a cheongsam. Pick up the collar with the height as it makes your face look glowing and perfect. The best one is to go with the traditional collar trains because it gives you a tight-fitting. Most of the clothes consist of a shorter collar that is more comfortable for women.

Tip 3: Choose a comfortable fabric

The next Tip is the selection of fabric. It needs to be done perfectly while keeping your comfort as the priority. Many fabrics varieties, such as silk, cotton, lace, and more. The selection of fabric needs to be done according to the climate. The breathability of the stuff is paramount to consider. Always look forward to the materials that do not require heavy lining and trap the heat without keeping the air gap.

Tip 4: Custom Making

The custom-making option for a cheongsam dress is the best way to go if something is not suitable for your body shape and you are not feeling like it. First, ask your tailor to make the perfect cheongsam dress that fits your waist, hip ratio, etc. Then, ask him/her to convert the skirt properly into a streamlined pencil.

Tip 5: Check slit placement 

The last one is the slit placement. The cheongsam dress is famous because it has a slit over it that looks classy. The placement of the slit needs to be done carefully for a good look. You can go for the back slit, which is popular among the mature audience. The option of double-slit is also there that looks prettier.


Why not practice buying the beautiful cheongsam dresses. Then, the requirement of these dresses by Chinese people or others who follow their fashion can be made. After examining the print, color, and material, it needs to be purchased carefully. The above mention is the perfect way to buy one.

Frank Medellin is a news writer based in London. He graduated from the Sylvian University of Arts and Communication