What Are The Different Types Of CBD Cream One Should Buy?

The human body is a complex machine, and it’s been designed to work in harmony. However, we all know that life throws us curveballs from time to time.

When you experience an injury or an ailment, there are two ways you can go about getting better: You can either take medication or you try to heal the problem through natural methods.

Medication is typically prescribed by your doctor, but it also has its downsides. In fact, taking pharmaceutical drugs can have serious side effects, including addiction, anxiety, and even death. On top of that, they can be expensive, too.

Natural remedies, on the other hand, are often more cost-effective because they don’t require as much money for prescriptions or hospital bills. They can also prevent or manage many ailments without causing any harmful side effects.

One of the most common types of natural remedies is CBD cream.

Cannabidiol (or CBD) is one of the most popular cannabinoids out there, and it has been used for centuries to treat physical pain, mental disorders, and even cancer. Many people use CBD oil or CBD capsules to get relief from their aches and pains, but how effective can these products really be?

There are so many different forms for consuming CBD which is in chocolates, candles, clothing and also in cocktails. You can also go for consuming serums and sunscreens that will help in popping up beauty by applying CBD creams. Go and check the cbd cream for pain reviews in terms of finding the right CBD cream.

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about the different kinds of CBD creams that you can buy today.

CBD gummies

CBD gummies are very similar to CBD creams, except that they look like candy. They come in both hard and soft varieties, and they contain the same amount of CBD per dosage as CBD creams. This makes them perfect for children who might not want to eat the cream itself.

They also have no added sugar, which means they won’t cause tooth decay or cavities when eaten. However, because they are made of food grade ingredients, they should not be consumed if you have certain medical conditions or allergies. So, make sure to check the label before buying.

CBD balms

These creams come in the form of a solid bar that contains CBD and various healing herbs. They are usually available in three different flavors: strawberry, vanilla, and mint chocolate chip.

While the name suggests that they’re meant to be applied directly onto the skin, you shouldn’t do so unless instructed to do so by a physician. Because they contain CBD, they could potentially interact with some prescription medications that you are currently using.

If you plan to use CBD balm on your hands or feet, you should first apply lotion under a glove or socks before applying the CBD balm.

CBD lip balm

Lip balm is a great way to keep your lips moisturized throughout the day, whether it’s due to dryness caused by weather, stress, or another reason. These CBD lip balms are especially helpful during cold months since they protect your lips from cracking and chapping.

Unlike their counterparts, CBD lip balm does not contain THC, making them safe to consume. If you want to add a little flavor, you can always mix it with a flavoring such as peppermint, cinnamon, or spearmint.


While CBD creams are commonly used to treat muscle soreness caused by intense workouts, they can also help you relieve pain after injuries or surgery. Since they contain CBD, they can reduce swelling and inflammation caused by arthritis, rheumatism, or joint problems.

Some studies have shown that CBD creams can also increase blood flow to areas affected by injuries. This can help reduce scarring and decrease pain, while increasing flexibility. It can also promote wound healing, prevent infections, and speed up recovery time from injuries.

On top of that, CBD creams can help improve sleep quality and ease symptoms associated with depression and anxiety.


Although CBD creams are relatively new products on the market, they haven’t been around long enough to determine whether they can help treat more than just muscle soreness caused by exercise and post-injury pain.

It’s also important to note that these creams only come in liquid forms, so you can’t use them if you have sensitive skin. They also aren’t able to provide direct relief to nerve damage.

As far as safety concerns, there isn’t much data available regarding the toxicity of CBD creams.

CBD lotions

CBD lotions are made from CBD infused oils. The infused oils are then mixed with beeswax and essential oils depending on what kind of lotion you want to create. Some examples include:

  • Cold sore relief: A mixture of CBD infused oils and lavender essential oil
  • PMS relief: A mixture of CBD infused oils, vitamin E, and evening primrose oil
  • Anti-inflammatory: A mixture of CBD infused oils, rosemary, and cayenne pepper

Because the CBD lotion formula is dependent on the type of product you want to purchase, it’s best to talk to a pharmacist or licensed health care professional before creating one yourself.

CBD lip balm sticks

These stick-form CBD lip balms are ideal if you find CBD balm to be too messy or difficult to apply.

The main benefit of these is that they are easier to carry around in your purse or car, or store in your medicine cabinet.


Since they don’t contain honey, CBD lip balm sticks are also suitable for those with allergies to honey. Also, unlike regular CBD balms, CBD lip balm sticks can last up to four hours and do not melt easily.


Like other CBD products, CBD lip balm sticks are still a fairly new product on the market. There’s limited research on how well these creams perform, and they have yet to be approved by the FDA.

Frank Medellin is a news writer based in London. He graduated from the Sylvian University of Arts and Communication