How to Stay Fresh and Clean in Your Pop Up Privacy Tent

Whether you’re headed on a camping trip, heading off to the beach or just trying to find a bit of privacy outdoors, a pop up privacy tent is essential. But it can be difficult to keep your pop up shower tent clean and fresh after each use. That’s why we’ve put together this guide on some easy ways to stay clean while still enjoying all the benefits of your pop up privacy tent. From special products that help fight bacteria and odor to helpful tips for keeping things tidy, here are some great ways to make sure your pop up shower tent stays nice and clean. 

1. Choose The Right Materials 

When looking for the right materials for your pop up shower tent, look for fabrics that are waterproof and quick-drying since they are better at preventing mildew growth. Also, try opting for materials with an antibacterial coating; this helps prevent bacteria from sticking around in between uses so you don’t have to worry about bad odors.  

2. Clean After Each Use 

One of the most important steps when using a pop up shower tent is cleaning it after each use. This means wiping down any surfaces that may have gotten wet or damp with a cloth or paper towel before allowing them to air dry completely before folding it back into its carrying case. To get rid of any lingering odors, try spraying an all-purpose cleaner on the fabric walls before wiping them down and allowing them time to air dry thoroughly. You should also give the groundsheet underneath the tent a good scrub with warm water and soap if you think there might be dirt or debris stuck onto it.  

3. Keep It Well Ventilated 

To avoid stuffiness inside your pop up shower tent as well as musty smells, make sure there’s enough ventilation while in use by either cracking open a window if possible or setting up fans near the entrance of the tent so that air can circulate properly while in use. This will also help reduce moisture buildup which can cause mold or mildew growth over time if left unchecked!  

4. Invest In Odor Neutralizers 

Using odour neutralisers such as tent sprays or candles can also help keep odours at bay between uses! These products usually contain natural oils that eliminate both musty odours and airborne bacteria without leaving a residue – perfect for ensuring your pop up shower tent stays fresh when not in use!  

5. Refresh with essential oils 

Essential oils are another great way to naturally deodorise your space without having to rely on the harsh chemicals found in many store-bought odour neutralisers or sprays! Mix five drops of lavender oil with two tablespoons of water (distilled works best), then spray inside your pop up shower tent after each use – this will help combat any odours left behind while also adding an element of aromatherapy! 

6. Wash removable fabrics and liners regularly 

If you plan to use removable liners such as sleeping bags, blankets, curtains, etc., these should always be washed regularly according to their care instructions so that they don’t start to retain odours over time which could eventually transfer to other fabrics in your pop up tent itself. Remember not only to wash these items but also to allow them to dry completely outside before packing them away!  

7. Store properly when not in use 

Once everything has been cleaned and dried properly, make sure you store it properly when not in use – this means keeping it in a cool, dry place where it won’t collect dust (such as a cupboard). Also, make sure you don’t leave anything damp inside, otherwise, mould could form due to its close proximity to other fabrics in its surroundings – which would lead to further problems later down the line with regards to odor retention within those very same items once removed from storage itself!  

8. Disinfect weekly or as needed                                                                          

Finally, depending on how often you’re using your popup shelter – whether weekly/bi-weekly/monthly – disinfecting it down with disinfectant wipes every week (or more often if necessary) will go a long way in helping to ensure everything remains hygienic throughout the life span of the product itself thus maintaining freshness within the area consistently over time period used? Simply wipe down all surfaces, paying particular attention to areas where skin contact is likely to occur during use, such as handles, door zips, etc. Finally, allow it to air dry completely before storing away until the next time you need to use it.    

By following these simple steps every time you’re getting ready for an outing with family, friends, colleagues, etc., rest assured knowing both yourself and others included safe and secure regarding hygiene standards applicable matter involved particularly when comes to features portability convenience offer posses regard own popup shelter concerned? Enjoy peace of mind come day knowing to remain free worries associated subject topic hand – something invaluable nature regardless situation may present itself one way shape form given instance?

Frank Medellin is a news writer based in London. He graduated from the Sylvian University of Arts and Communication