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Operational Equipment- Software Integration

Based on the heading of this article, one can tell that it is regarding software and some people may find it tedious and boring while others that are in the field would find it interesting.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of software? For a common person with little knowledge, electronic devices like computer, laptop, mobile phone, etc. immediately come to mind.

This is the most that an average common man think about regarding software but there is much more to it than meets the eye and before anyone starts making assumptions, this isn’t a sermon with technical jargons but a small piece of writing in simple language understandable to a layman.

Comparison Purpose

Open Platforms Communications (OPC) plays an important role in industrial telecommunications because it involves standardizing specifications regarding electronic applications regarding software and hardware where it tries to make things work at a level phase.

OPC is well known for bridging the gap between software applications and control hardware processing because Windows itself plays a role in using OPC technique for doing the same and it has its own story to tell.

Software and hardware totally revolve around data source and materials where you send it to various resources and receive the same from them in return because there are different modules pertaining to this jigsaw.

OPC servers are well known for giving method to software packages of numerous varieties where it gives permission to gain access to important data from any control device in the vicinity.

But it can only be done to those devices that are categorized as OPC clients, which is defined as a software module through which applications are enabled to gain permission for accessing data from OPC servers.

They use it to supervise the other devices using an OPC server as it is a two way conference between an OPC client and OPC server where the applications are used for reading data from top to bottom and acquiring those that are important for enhancing client relations for gaining bigger contracts.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is for measuring an operation pertaining to manufacturing where the time and place regarding the products are subjected to scrutiny in order to analyze its true potential so that it can function properly during trial runs.

Anyone who is involved in manufacturing knows that OEE measurement is an essential tool for accessing products that are 100% successful during production phase before or within the scheduled dates and is completely available for usage in the market.


You need to have sufficient knowledge about OPC and OEE so that you can access data from other control devices like Distributed Control System (DCS) and Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) because data needs to be extracted from other devices regularly so that the control interface can be read on.

OLE Technology is an OPC client that belongs to Microsoft that allows other OPC servers to contact their clients for discussing data structure whereas in OEE you need the data gathered has to be about how machines have to be connected easily at a low cost. 

This involves special care of improvement by monitoring employee activities so as to achieve better results in the future where you can learn more about this entire structure by clicking on the link and learn more about the technicalities.

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