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Tips College Students Physically Fit

Just we are the only persons responsible for our own well-being and happiness, so also we are the sole authority for our own health and well-being. In precise terms our bodies give us back what we give to it and the kind of use, or abuse we subject our bodies to. As suggested by  TestRX review if we take good care of our health, it would remain to support and nurture us throughout our life on earth, and vice versa. The following are just Five Tips for College Students to be physically fit till their senility and remain mentally and physically well and active even after retirement from active service.

Exercise moderation in eating and drinking: Besides bad habits like smoking and excessive drinking, food habits are the main culprits for disease, adverse health conditions, and diseases. Thus, college students should stop consuming fast food and soda-based drinks which are not only rich in obesity- causing fat, salts, and sugars but are toxic in the long run. Obesity and related illnesses are the number cause of major diseases in most advanced countries of the world. Exercises strenuously and regularly

Not only does exercise detoxify the entire human system but it also lowers cholesterol, strengthens the heart and improves cholesterol levels, cures depression and anxiety, but also adds to personal self-confidence, sense of well-being, and feel-good feeling. Exercises by themselves are quite capable of curing many minor ailments, relating to blood circulation, blood pressure, diabetes( reduces the need for insulin in the body) and joint diseases Running, jogging, swimming, sports like tennis or football or even plain walking for 3-4 miles every day is good exercise

Avoid stress like a plague: Studying and related activities to gain the highest grades in college could indeed be stress-inducing, especially over long periods of time. Thus it is important to keep the mind stress-free since this would also affect the body. In order to be physically fit it is also important to be mentally fit, active, and alert, and this could be achieved by engaging in mental activities like chess, scrabbles, crossword puzzles, sudoku, etc. A healthy mind is a prerequisite for a healthy and fit body, although the converse may not always be true Do not smoke or use tobacco products

The nexus between tobacco and major illnesses like cancer, emphysema, bladder and lung diseases, and brain damage is only too well documented. Tobacco products exacerbate current adverse health conditions and even give rise to new diseases and conditions. If smoking cannot be altogether stopped, it should be controlled and closely monitored, choosing cigarettes with low tar and mild type.

Exercise control over alcohol: While alcohol is beneficial in small units, uncontrolled use of alcohol could cause liver damage and mental disorders, including brain damage and increased predisposition to illnesses like Alzheimer’s Disease (AD), dementia, and major behavioral disorders. If alcohol consumption cannot be controlled, it would be necessary to seek professional help, including visits to Detox Centers or medical centers for treatment and possible weaning from alcohol.

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Frank Medellin is a news writer based in London. He graduated from the Sylvian University of Arts and Communication