7 Things You Should Know Before Smoking a Chillum

The smoking of chillum is one of the most ancient, traditional and sacred ways of consuming cannabis. It is said that this method of smoking was first discovered by Sadhus in India, who used to smoke ganja for spiritual enlightenment. If you’re interested in taking your weed experience to the next level and want to learn more about chillums, then look no further! Here are seven things you should know before smoking a chillum:

1. What is a Chillum?

A chillum (or chilam) is a cone-shaped clay pipe with a small bowl at one end which is traditionally used for smoking herbal blends like tobacco or marijuana. It’s usually very short – about 3-4 inches long – and has no carburetor or filter, so all the smoke passes through it directly into your lungs. The bowl shape also ensures that ashes don’t fall out while you’re smoking, so it’s much cleaner than other pipes or bongs. To get started, buy chillums at and fill it up with your favorite herb blend!

2. How do you smoke a chillum?

The process of smoking a chillum is quite simple, but there are a few tips you should keep in mind to make sure everything goes smoothly. Firstly, hold the pipe upright, as this will allow air to flow easily and help create an even burn throughout your session. Make sure you pack enough herbs into the bowl to spread them evenly around the circumference when you light it – not too tight, as this will cause a blockage, but not too loose either, as this won’t give off enough smoke for an enjoyable experience. Once lit, take slow and steady puffs from the mouthpiece for maximum flavor!

3. What are the benefits of smoking chillum?

There are many benefits associated with using chillum when consuming cannabis or any other herbal blend, such as tobacco or kratom. Since most chillums have no additional parts like filters or carburetors, they require minimal maintenance and cleaning, making them easy to use without worrying about complicated set-up procedures or breakdowns during use – plus, they can be quickly stowed away when needed! In addition, as only the heat passes through them directly into your lungs, without being filtered out by other components within the device itself, there is little risk of inhaling harmful toxins, making them overall healthier than using bongs or bubblers etc.

4. Is there any special technique required to smoke from a chillum?

Yes – although it’s not overly complex, mastering certain techniques can ensure you get the best possible experience from each session! Try to rotate the pipe between each draw so that all areas of the herbs receive heat evenly; covering any holes at the top of the pipe with your finger/thumb as you draw will increase the pressure inside, resulting in denser hits – just be careful not to cover too much, as this can make it difficult to get enough oxygen in, resulting in asphyxiation instead! Also, remember not to inhale until the lighting has been extinguished, as this can reduce lung damage from excessive heat from burning materials going directly into the airways. It also tastes better.

5. How do you clean chillum after use?

Cleaning the chillum should be done every few uses, depending on how often you smoke; however, regular cleaning is still necessary as build-up can eventually lead to permanent blockage in its internal passages, rendering it useless over time! Gently shake out any loose particles, then soak in rubbing alcohol overnight, followed by a hot water rinse – voila your trusty friend should now be good as new, ready for another session whenever you like

6. What materials are used to make chillum?

Chillums come in a variety of shapes & sizes; however, their core structures remain consistent throughout, regardless of the variations seen on the outside – these components include: an inner chamber in which the herbs are packed, an outer shell typically made from terracotta clay (although there are earthenware, ceramic & glass alternatives), along with metal screens at both ends specifically designed to hold back ash & debris during use you might even find some hand carved wooden designs around if you’re lucky

7 . Where can I buy high-quality chillums?

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Frank Medellin is a news writer based in London. He graduated from the Sylvian University of Arts and Communication