In 2021, So What Was The Top Minecraft Factions Web Server?

Gamers establish alliances that join groups on Factions sites, which are often highly fierce. To learn more about the 5 Top Minecraft Factions Sites in 2021, read down.

Faction Networks in Minecraft

Survival Minecraft Servers has been among the most extraordinary massive multiplayer gameplay modes in the videogame ever since its launch over a decade ago. Gamers start in a sizeable PvP-enabled world where they form their groups. Every one of the warring factions sites will have slightly different playing. Players can employ TNT artillery to attack, plunder, and loot facilities about other sides on different sides’ sites in addition to enhancing themselves.

The following is a shortlist of 5 best Minecraft factions sites in 2021:

MOX MC Mox MC is the best factions site in a well-known server listing specialized to the play mode. Users may quickly continue the battle by typing “/kit PVP” as they enter the game, based on a brutal and vicious PvP attitude. Gamers will receive a free strong PvP kit containing gear, potions, and other perks as a result of this. Mox MC also has its auction site mechanism, enabling visitors to sell off their goods to the existing server and bet on things listed through other users.

MassiveCraft Factions

MassiveCraft claims to be the “first Minecraft Factions site,” up and running for almost ten years. MassiveCraft was formed by the same group that created the first Survival Minecraft Servers plugins, which are still used by many nations’ sites now.


As the designers of the nations play mode, MassiveCraft can be counted on to give nothing except the finest. Customized creatures, bosses, custom gear, and questlines are just a lot of small users’ unique features that players won’t find elsewhere.


With numerous players on the system anywhere at a given moment and billions throughout its eight-year history, the Archon is among the most famous faction sites in Minecraft straight present. Each year, the most significant factions earn vast amounts of money in digital world currency. The server’s gameplay features TNT mining and PvP activity.

Viper MC IP

Having about 13,000 active gamers at the beginning of each new level, Viper MC currently controls the Minecraft hardline factions (HCF) market. HCF is a Minecraft Factions sub-genre that focuses on being more fierce and less merciful for all those unaware.

Cosmic PvP

Cosmic PvP is a Minecraft Factions system offering a diverse range of faction sites. Such systems are known as “planetary systems,” and they are entirely separate from each other. There seem to be presented three planets featuring thousands of people in each. Cosmic PvP does have its own unique Minecraft player, appropriately dubbed “Cosmic Customer.” This viewer has a variety of PvP FPS improvements integrated into it. 

However, more importantly, it allows the server to include capabilities that other sites typically lack, such as unique visuals, minimaps, voice messaging, and much more.

At last;

Gamers that belong to the same faction fight build, raid, and protect their strongholds together. Rival sides on the game can fight each other or create alliances in an attempt to seize power.

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