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Interesting Facts about Demon Slayer

Who does not like a few behind-the-scenes facts about their favorite show or movie? If you are a true fan of Demon Slayer, you have come to the right door. With just two seasons being released, Demon Slayer has become one of the most popular shows of all time. 

If you have loved watching the show, and have even collected a Demon Slayer Hoodie, you will surely love some interesting facts that we have brought you. Read below to know more. 

Marks equate Curse

You must have noticed the protagonist, Tanjiro with a big mark on his face. As most fans can guess, it is a mark from a fight Tanjiro had a long time ago. Although the first season does not show any significance to the mark, later on, in the show, you learn its importance. 

Such marks when gained by Demon Slayers shorten their life span quite drastically. In return, although, the slayer would get huge powers, their health would soon start depleting and may die an early death. 


Did you know, Demon Slayer is one of the costliest anime ever created? With a single episode costing over 80,000 dollars, the creators spend an enormous amount on the show. Credit is given to the stunning graphics and animation quality that the show comes with, it sure does make the show even more awesome. 

The creators also spend a handsome bounty on the music and other effects of the show which keep your interest intact. The style of animation used in the show is unique and new. This is another reason why every episode is this costly. 

Mitsuri’s pink hair

We sure do love Mitsuri and her gorgeous hair. However, do you know how mitsuri gained such a beautiful hair color? It is said that the character eats so much of Sakura Mochi that her hair has turned pink. Sakura Mochi being cherry blossom or pink in color gives Mitsuri’s hair the color. Her hair color is loved by various fans of the show. It also makes her character even cuter. 

The Hashiras and their regions

The creators breathed fresh air into the show by bringing the Hashiras. Their unique styles and bright faces make you very curious about the upcoming episodes. As has been already established that each Hashira has a different style of fighting. They have different breathing techniques, which give them their power.

However, did you know that the Hashiras also have separate regions that have been assigned to them? These regions must be protected by the respective Hashiras to fulfill their duties. In these regions, all human beings are protected against demons in every way possible. During this duty, they also collect information about demons that could be bad news. 

In The End

Without a doubt, Demon slayer is one of the best shows you could lay your eyes on. Being a top-rated show by numerous channels and online platforms, it has become a must-watch. To take your fandom to a new level, you can also bring home the Demon Slayer hoodie, available at various stores.   

Frank Medellin is a news writer based in London. He graduated from the Sylvian University of Arts and Communication